Shortcuts to our wonderful volunteers
Celebrating people who support others
Volunteer [ Vol -uhn – teer]

1.A person who voluntarily offers himself or herself for service or undertaking

2.A person who performs a service willingly without pay

Within the district of Chichester, there is an army of unsung heroes who quietly support numerous good causes and local organisations by offering their services free of charge, to make life a little better for those who visit or use them.

This exhibition champions those people.

Without these volunteers, many charity organisations would not exist. 

Without these volunteers, many local residents would not be able to access
 and socialise in the local community.

Without these volunteers, many voluntary services would not be able to support the most vulnerable in our community.

Without these volunteers, many disabled people would not be able to access social events within the local area.

Without these volunteers, many people will be unsupported when times are tough, and they need someone to talk to.

Without these volunteers, our local community would be a poorer place.

This exhibition celebrates ‘We the People’ who are there to help others, without payment, without fuss, without thanks, without judgment, and without prejudice.

Please click the name of each volunteer to hear their story.

Friends and Partners

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